J.M P.

June 13th, 2019

After foolishly over-doing exercises I badly injured my right knee. I was experiencing significant pain inside my knee while walking, stair climbing, and even just changing positions sitting or lying in bed. My therapist did a careful evaluation, listening well to my complaints and explained well her understanding of my condition and her recommended course of treatment. I realized improvement after each therapy session, beginning with the first. Some exercises were more difficult than others with, at first, some pain, but all of them resulted in improvement. The ice pack at the end of each session felt wonderful, like desert at the end of a big meal. The therapist and assistants were all very attentive while I did the therapeutic exercises, making sure I was doing them correctly . All my questions and concerns were addressed in a friendly, capable , and professional manner. After several weeks, I achieved about 98% recovery and was discharged with a thoughtful, carefully prescribed home exercise program to realize further improvement . I appreciate that my therapist honestly determined the point beyond which more therapy would not be producing more benefit than Icould achieve on my own with home exercises. I would happily return to Loudoun PT if I needed such treatment again and can readily recommend them to friends and family.