Patient Testimonials

  • mae l testimonial

    With physical therapy and deep massage, I am now stronger than ever and able to resume ALL my previous activities!

    Mae L.

  • Carmen castillo loudoun physical therapy

    What an awesome, caring group of therapists and staff! I would return to work with anyone of them. It’s a great mix of people who are attentive to patient needs. Their approach to a person’s well-being is fantastic.

    Carmen P.

  • Physical Therapy has been very helpful for me in my recovery from my back injury (spine) about 6 weeks ago. The exercises and back/hip manipulations by Holly has increased my range of motion as well as decreasing my pain/soreness in my lower back area. This is after 4 and a half weeks of physical therapy . This is my last day for now, but I feel very confident that I have a great support group here, if any problems occur in the future. Thank you!

    J Z.

  • Great atmosphere!

    Violet C.

  • I injured my shoulder which gradually spread pain down to my wrist. After evaluation, I started twice a week with my therapy. After the first few weeks the pain had really subsided and my degree of motion really began to increase. I also found that two sessions with the needles in my arm really helped. I began feeling very comfortable with my activities. As I got better my sessions were spread apart more and with the added exercises at home, I’ve returned to better than I was before I injured my arm. I love this team!

    J. C.

  • Diana is a great physical therapist. She really makes my shoulder feel better after rotator cuff surgery.

    Leslie C.

  • After my left shoulder surgery, Physical Therapy was scheduled . For the first 3-4 weeks I attended PT 3 times a week. Then, it dropped to twice a week for 3 weeks and then once a week for 2 weeks. Throughout the sessions, the therapists helped me increase flexibility and strength. They continued to challenge me to do as much as I could, without causing myself pain. I also received a series of exercises that I could do at home. The combination of in-office and home treatment has brought me to the current level of no pain and increased strength. I thank Holly and Purvi for their dedicated efforts and the overall support of the rest of the team. Loudoun PT will receive my highest recommendations

    W. B.

  • My experience with Dr. Shaista Ambreen at Loudoun Physical Therapy has been wonderful. She’s a very skilled physical therapist in her own right, but more importantly, she is compassionate, insightful, and forms a caring connection with her patients. I feel I have made great progress under her care. She gets my highest recommendation.

    K. S.

  • When I arrived at LPT, I had a pinched nerve in my back due to compressed discs. After six weeks of stretching, stem, heat, needling and exercise, I’m back on my feet. Numbness gone, pain 95% gone! The needling Holly performed was a huge factor in reducing the pain quickly and it allowed for me to focus on getting better instead of the pain. I would (and will) use this set of treatments again in the future should the need arise. Saved me from having a second surgery!

    M. M.

  • There was an immediate impact to my daily life after starting treatment, increased mobility with much less pain. The pain continues to diminish as I work through exercises and progress in treatment. It was surprising how my mobility increased after one specific exercise they taught me. I’m now noticing daily routines are more comfortable– no pain when opening a door, when brushing my hair, holding a heavy pan etc. The staff at Loudoun PT has been wonderful, very professional and friendly.

    B. R.

  • I have a problem with Vertigo, and Juan has treated me with tremendous expertise! He understands the interdependence of the body’s systems, and searches for the root cause. At my session yesterday, he worked on my neck muscles that ultimately affect my balance. I’m now able to turn my head to both sides and look over my shoulders. I’ve been unable to do this since I injured my neck in a car accident more than 25 years ago. Juan fully explains his goal and demonstrates how we are going to achieve it. And, he is very sensitive to any discomfort the treatment may cause. My entire experience at Loudoun Physical Therapy has been wonderful!!!

    Bonnie M.

  • My knee is usually stiff and sore when I get there but when I leave it feels much better

    Brandt B.

  • Holly is an excellent Physical Therapist. She worked with me for 5 weeks on my lower back injury. During my treatments she answered my many questions and always took the time to explain what procedures she was doing for me and why. I believe her treatments were the main reason I recovered from my injury so quickly. A month after my last treatment, she called me at home to see how I was doing and if I needed any additional support. She really cares about her patients for sure. That says it all for me.

    Jerry Z.

  • Diana has helped me so much just in the first week. She has done a great job, and I appreciate it so much.

    Laurie B.

  • A little hesitant to come for PT, but now I’m glad I did. I now have many more ways to manage my back pain. I feel I have the quality of life that I can enjoy. All of the staff was very knowledgeable and professional. I enjoyed my time and will leave feeling rewarded.

    S. F.

  • great experience and I feel great!

    Justin M.

  • After months of very professional and sincere caring treatment which has helped me tremendously, I was sad to go. I have recommended many of my friends. They are the best. Lucky marks

    Lucretia M.

  • I came to LPT with a number of issues (shoulder, hip, back) all very tight and painful. I’m very active athletically as a triathlete runner and this pain was not only limiting my activities, but was starting to prevent me from sleeping. The staff at LPT took a comprehensive approach to addressing my issues combining therapy, exercises, and dry needling. And then techniques to help identify the root cause of my issue and get me back to 100%. The biggest breakthrough came in working with Holly. I found out that my right lung was not filling completely causing a number of issues for me. I was very surprised to see the effect the breathing exercises had on my back pain. It was completely relieved!

    J. B.

  • Holly, I appreciate all the help you have provided me. I don’t feel pain and it almost feels like I never had a knee replacement. You are compassionate and knowledgeable about the muscles. You helped me relax. You are great and thank you!

    J. R.

  • “All of the people here are great. They helped me to range of motion and strength back in my ankle. This has helped me to be able to play with my kids again fully. Dr Alli Gannon did a lot to get me to where I am now. She listened and somehow understood what I was trying to explain then was very targeted with treatment. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful during each visit. I recommend others to use Loudoun Physical Therapy in Leesburg.”

    Chris J.

  • initial questions seemed pertinent. Felt better after two sessions plus home followup.

    Gloria N.

  • Great experience at LPT. Friendly staff and excellent care. Dr. Shruti is awesome!

    Mark A.

  • Very thorough. Caring. Lots of expertise.

    Michele T.

  • Very Professional and always on time.

    Jim J.

  • I have used this practice for my multiple surgeries. I have made significant progress. The staff is friendly and knows each patient. My therapy program is designed to include home exercises. Purvi has developed my treatment plan. She is professional and detailed. I can only say that the quality of treatment is top notch!

    Jackie B.

  • Words cannot express the wonderful results; had so much pain in left shoulder & arm! Now leaving after some stretching exercises, needling, then heat and should has no more pain at all! Feel like a different person now! All the staff are excellent! Unbelievable! Thanks to you all and thanks to God!

    N Q.

  • Came in right after surgery and I was not good. The staff did a wonderful job for my recovery. Did not think I was going to do this. I could not use my arm, I was afraid. The staff was on the ball and I came a long way, was treated as family. They were very gentle. They all knew what they were doing. They are the best!

    K. R.

  • When I first started I was going through all of the emotions of what have I done? Why did I have surgery? I can’t do anything now! Holly’s patience from the first day was wonderful- she taught me to trust my foot again and I am so much happier and better than when I first walked through the door! Thanks to all.

    S. W.

  • I am a 72 year old lifetime active person. One year ago I suffered a serious bicycle accident. At the time, there was serious concerns about walking and independence. The entire staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy accepted the challenge and as a team, we worked very hard! Today, July 9th 2018, I am almost better than I was before. Walking is fun again! My activity level has returned to pre-accident! My thanks to everyone – Holly, Kim, Juan, Lucy, Evan and many others. This team of professionals treat the entire being- Body, Mind and Soul!

    C. B.

  • I came back to LPT after injuring my shoulder at the gym. Working with Holly, Lucy, Chuck and the rest of the staff got me through my rotator cuff issues, kept me active through the entire process and allowed me to continue my ice hockey and recreational activities, back at full capacity. LPT is highly recommended and the only PT experts for me. If (and when) I need further care, I will come back due to the excellent care and friendly staff. Thanks for all the work!”

    E. L.

  • Excellent care.

    Lisa A.

  • I had been trying different things on my own to heal hurting hip. I finally mentioned to my doctor that I wasn’t sure why this hip pain never improved. She suggested physical therapy. In the course of a month, (I was given exercises and information about hip pain and the PT appointments always alleviated much of the discomfort) I began to experience “pain free” movement! It had been so long that I had been dealing with a pinchy-feeling in my hip – the absence of pain was so liberating! I couldn’t believe how much better it felt. Physical therapy, the knowledgeable staff, the home exercises all resulted in total healing for me!

    D. H.

  • When I first started treatment, I was in constant pain. My final day I had no pain, just some occasional discomfort. I can now do things I enjoy without fear of pain.

    T. S.

  • Purvi – This note is way overdue, but thank you for everything you did to help me return to a life of greater mobility & normalcy. After years of being opposed to physical therapy, you have made me a believe and an advocate!

    R. U.

  • Holly was great at figuring out what was troubling me. She was kind and caring and helped me get movement back. Her compassion was overwhelming.

    Kathryn R.

  • Diana did a great job getting my knee back to normal after a bad fall. She was very focused on the ultimate goal and gave me diverse set of exercises and stretches. I highly recommend her !!!!

    Ard G.

  • Mary is a great PT. I am very happy with her work. God bless her.

    Sima V.

  • Dr. Duran did a very thorough intake session with careful attention to past history and current status. He also did my first therapy session with great care.

    Mitchell R.

  • I have been to PT 3 different times over the course of the last few years. I highly recommend this clinic for its professionalism, enthusiasm and results.

    Joe O.

  • After foolishly over-doing exercises I badly injured my right knee. I was experiencing significant pain inside my knee while walking, stair climbing, and even just changing positions sitting or lying in bed. My therapist did a careful evaluation, listening well to my complaints and explained well her understanding of my condition and her recommended course of treatment. I realized improvement after each therapy session, beginning with the first. Some exercises were more difficult than others with, at first, some pain, but all of them resulted in improvement. The ice pack at the end of each session felt wonderful, like desert at the end of a big meal. The therapist and assistants were all very attentive while I did the therapeutic exercises, making sure I was doing them correctly . All my questions and concerns were addressed in a friendly, capable , and professional manner. After several weeks, I achieved about 98% recovery and was discharged with a thoughtful, carefully prescribed home exercise program to realize further improvement . I appreciate that my therapist honestly determined the point beyond which more therapy would not be producing more benefit than Icould achieve on my own with home exercises. I would happily return to Loudoun PT if I needed such treatment again and can readily recommend them to friends and family.

    J.M P.

  • I started at Loudoun Physical Therapy after having hip surgery as part of my rehabilitation post-operation. The hip injury, including multiple herniated lumbar discs, had occurred 1 year prior and I had lost significant mobility and strength during that time which was compounded by the weakness brought on by the surgery. The PT’s here worked with me through my time on crutches and progressed my routine as my capabilities increased. Their efforts led me to progress faster than the doctor expected. The strengthening routine they created for me was fantastic and had me moving normally faster than I expected. However, dry needling & physical pressure on muscles that had not functioned properly in over a year made the biggest difference. I feel better and more mobile than I have in over a year. I ran my first mile since my injury over a year ago, which means more than I can say here. I’m not at 100% yet, but I can feel myself getting there and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t have said that or gotten there without the great folks at Loudoun Physical Therapy.

    K. D.

  • When I came to Loudoun Physical Therapy, I walked in with a cane. As I complete my treatment, I am walking out the door without a cane! I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to the staff. They are 100% professional and sincerely helpful. Clean office is the most welcoming! Purvi, who was my PT was amazing to work with. I give LPT my highest rating!!

    M. A.

  • I have been with the practice for many months and multiple surgeries. My success is attributed to the quality treatment. My active life continues!

    J. B.

  • Total Success! No Pain! My thanks to an outstanding staff for their professional care and my best wishes to all!

    K. L.

  • Holly was very supportive of my treatment goals and was able to create a plan for me that helped me get stronger each day/week.

    Christine A.

  • Diana & Mary – It’s been a journey, but I am so thankful for you both! You have been so patient & optimistic keeping me out of foot surgery. The pain in what was constant for days is no longer making me struggle each day. Thank you both!

    C. S.

  • Jori – Thank you so much for making my time at physical therapy more enjoyable! I really enjoyed all of our chats and I do kinda miss the sometimes painful and exhausting exercises you had me do. I really appreciate all you did to make sure I left every visit pain-free! Thanks!!

    K. W.

  • When I started PT 2 months ago, I was constantly in pain, day and night, and was weak in my right arm. Now I am pain-free and have increased my strength so that I pretty much matches my left arm. I am so thankful to Purvi and Courtney for their expertise and magic touch, and to Connie and Carmen for helping me through all those worth-while exercises! And thank you to Nenita who always provided excellent customer service at the front desk!

    J. S.

  • After a very bad car accident, I was in extreme pain. I wasn’t able to move my upper body without feeling a lot of pain. Honestly thought I would feel this pain forever, but after coming here, I knew that would change. Working with these amazing physical therapists really changed me. I am able to move my upper body and feel little to no pain. I am super happy to have been referred here fro my doctor. Everyone here really worked together to make sure got better. It really was a great place to come to!

    J. Z.

  • Mary and the staff are amazing! I cannot say enough about my experience with them. Mary is thorough in the assessment and development of my physical therapy needs. She is stays abreast of new techniques and has introduced me to dry needling therapy. I am now an advocate for dry needling when traditional therapy isn’t enough. Thank you Mary! I feel like a new person and am ready to resume my fitness activities! Loudoun Physical Therapy is the best.

    Lisa B.

  • I absolutely love Juan’s table side manner, methodology, taking the time to ask and then explain symptoms-you’ve got a gem here!

    Jacquelyn G.

  • Really helpful! I see improvement!

    Robin J.

  • I just started seeing Diana but I am very impressed thus far. She is compassionate in her treatment and seems very competent. I start each visit in pain and leave pain free! I can tell a difference in the intensity of the pain after only 3 visits. I am hopeful that Diana will return my life to normal. The office is clean and the equipment is in great shape. They offer lots of different treatment options as well. The assistants are all very courteous and professional.

    Lynne A.

  • This is the second time Purvi and her team, save me from agonizing pain and Surgery room. She is the most attentive and kind person that you can encounter. She listens so patiently to the problem and comes with specific remedy and movement to fix you. I will be forever in her debt and can not thank her enough.

    Firoozeh E.

  • Juan and Joriana helped me out tremendously. Highly recommended.

    James H.

  • Always a good experience!

    Patti L.

  • physical therapy loudoun pt

    After a simple fender-bender I started experiencing back pain. I was given a list of physical therapy offices by my general practitioner and chose Loudoun Physical Therapy. I called to make an appointment and was able to come in for my initial appointment the next week. Purvi and Holly were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I looked forward to my appointments twice a week and learning new ways to stretch and strengthen my back. Carmen and Connie were always very attentive and made sure I was doing each exercise correctly. After 8 sessions I am no longer feeling the pain I was feeling and I believe I am coming out of treatment feeling better than I felt before the accident. Thank you Loudoun Physical Therapy!

    Amelia B.

  • Diana is great

    Brian D.

  • Very positive – graduating was bittersweet; Mary was always encouraging, always supportive but made me work at what I needed.

    Lawrence S.

  • Marygray was excellent. Hoping to team up with her again. Found the telephone reminders every day annoying.

    Mary M.

  • Suffering from severe left knee pain for sometime I asked my physician for a referral to a good orthopedist and was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my left knee. My first session in Sept didn’t know what to expect but as my sessions went on I experienced less pain and by the time I graduated in Dec. I was pain free thanks to the staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy. I know have the exercises I need to keep the muscle in my knee and leg strong and my arthritis pain at bay. Thanks to the entire staff for all their knowledge and helping me on my path to a pain free life. Will be a return patient if the need arises and will recommend Loudoun Physical Therapy to everyone

    Crystal H.

  • I’ve never felt in better hands than with Mary and Jorianna at Loudoun Physical Therapy. I appreciated their personal attention and expertise and am strong today on my new hip because of it! I also appreciated the assistants so much as they gave clear direction for each of my exercises, I never felt “on my own” as I have in several other facilities. Highly recommend!

    Laura B.

  • Due to Genevieve’s expertise, my hip/back pain is decreasing. I feel hopeful

    Denyse P.

  • Juan is very professional and provides a very effective training regiment to help get me back on track. This is my first time performing physical therapy and he provided an excellent overview with a plan for how we will progress.

    Antoine T.

  • All the staff who have provided my therapy demonstrated professional experience and courtesy. Each person has the knowledge and ability to oversee and help me with my exercises. They explain the benefits and how treatments will improve your physical well-being. Isn’t that what they are trained to do? Well done!

    Bill B.

  • Both Purvi and Holly worked as a team to get me successfully through separate arm and leg problems . Both resulted in rehabilitating both injuries within the plan and without any complications. It was a very pleasing experience with the whole team including Neneta and Carmen assisting. Throughout the treatment I felt confident their plan was correcting the issues and that steady progress occurred during the period. I appreciate the professionalism of the entire office.

    John N.

  • Tulsi, Ruth & Diana have all assisted me since I have been attending Loudoun PT and i have received amazing service as well as great physical results for my upper back

    Kelly B.

  • I was impressed by the personal care and attention, along with the expert knowledge, that the therapists at Loudoun PT showed. I have been very pleased with my experience so far.

    David M.

  • Shasta has a lot of experience as a physical therapist and it shows. She’s very knowledgeable and is able to answer any questions you may have. She clearly explains the home exercises and offers support that makes them easy to do.

    Beth S.